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the Sales Network to Increase Revenue - Post Acquisition


Increasing revenues required developing programs so that the entire sales network including internal field sales, manufacturer's reps and distributors worked together to improve results.

"Our sales teams - both internal and external - are now aligned to support our go-to-market strategies to drive revenue growth."

VP Regional Sales - Mid Market Manufacturing Company

The client needed to drive top line sales growth - within a complex sales environment including internal sales, manufacturer's reps and distributors.

The client had grown by acquisition - where each company was allowed to operate independently. This was causing go-to-market and channel conflicts that were negatively impacting sales and not allowing the client to take full advantage of opportunities. The client knew they needed to establish a single sales strategy, culture, organizational structure and win-win partner sales programs to achieve their revenue objectives.


Business Unlimited was hired to develop a new sales strategy.

Stages in the engagement included:

• A new organizational design with sales territory realignment and coverage expansion.

• Development of an enhanced distribution channel program.

• Establishment of a Manufacturer's Rep improvement program.


The results of Business Unlimited's participation led to:

An improved culture where the sales teams worked together to target customers in their regions.

A sales structure that allowed the client to go-to-market considering all product lines - rather than a silo-based approach.

A solid distribution program with clear expectations - from the perspective of what the client will do for the partner and what the partners will do for the client.

A revitalized and performing Manufacturer's Rep group focused on expanding revenues.

Improved fiexibility to meet competitive pricing pressures to win and retain business.

Cross-departmental processes that appropriately involve Marketing and Engineering in the sales processes.

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