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a Canned/Packed Food Manufacturer's Go-to-Market Strategy


"Business Unlimited's recommendations will allow us to scale and pursue new business in a more profitable manner and foster tighter coordination across our divisions."

Vice President of Sales

In order to drive profitable top-line growth, a Canned/Packed Food manufacturer needed to reevaluate the Go-To-Market approach and organizational design for one of its divisions. This division represented approximately 20% of company sales and was made up of 6 roughly equal sized product lines, with each product line operating as its own unique business within the division. Each of product lines maintained sales organizations made up of Independent Manufacturers reps, with most reps carrying only 1 or 2 of the Company's product lines. In most cases, the Company's products were a small portion of each Manufacturer's reps total sales. Within the Company, there was very little focus sales and marketing as most resources dedicated their time to technically supporting products rather than driving sales growth.

The Company wanted to achieve more synergies in the Go-to-Market approach within this division and across the entire Company. Additionally, it wanted to replace a more passive approach to market penetration and growth with a more rigorous and active sales and marketing approach. The Company planned to use this division to penetrate additional regional and global markets in the future.


Business Unlimited was hired to assess the current Go-To-Market strategy and organizational design of the division and recommend improvements that would drive top-line growth.

Deliverables in the engagement included:

• A revised organizational structure that centralized appropriate functions to gain efficiencies and facilitate the development of division (and Corporate) strategies that were not centered on individual product lines

• New sales roles that included a small group of Direct sales resources to penetrate new markets and applications

• A revised Channel Management approach to drive increased performance from the Manufacturers Reps including Channel Management roles and performance management processes and Scorecards

• A plan to rationalize the Manufacturers Rep network to increase cross-selling and obtain stronger positions on the Reps' line cards

• A repeatable Sales Process that is leveragable for both Direct and Channel sales to provide visibility into the sales pipeline and drive growth and penetration

• Synergies in Supply Chain, Product Quality, Engineering, and Product Development processes

• An overall action plan and timeline to implement the recommendations in a timely yet coordinated manor


The Company is currently in the process of implementing the recommendations and planning the expansion of its products to other regional and global markets. Culturally, this project has already started to change the mindset from a plant focused division that operated independently from the corporate headquarters, to a more integrated part of the Company's overall business. The Company expects the new approaches to drive top-line growth, increase profitability, increase cross-selling, improve the product development and launch processes, and provide a strong foundation for expansion in the future.

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