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FMCG Export Sales in MENA Region


A Saudi FMCG products manufacturer was ready to build on domestic market dominance by expanding market share in a key MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region

"We have attempted to move forward in this region for years, now we finally have a Plan."

CEO, Saudi FMCG Manufacturer

A Saudi FMCG products manufacturer had been very successful for over a decade achieving marketplace dominance in Saudi Arabia, but there had been limited progress in developing or executing an actionable strategy to expand sales beyond Saudi due to a lack of internal market knowledge, effective sales channel coverage, or resource focus.

Business Unlimited Consulting was asked to expand on the MENA multi-channel sales strategy they had developed for the manufacturer to drive aggressive sales growth across the Gulf, the Middle east and North Africa, in support of a MENA growth strategy that had recently been approved by the Board of Directors.


Business Unlimited assessed the market opportunity and requirements for profitable sales growth in the MENA and developed a time-phased strategy to drive profitable top line revenue growth. Business Unlimited leveraged their regional market expertise and contacts customers, potential sales prospects, and channel partners - to accelerate momentum into this strategic region.

Stages in the engagement included:

• International workshops to cultivate a Go-To-Market Strategy across the product portfolio

• Developed a prioritization scheme for target markets, the product portfolio, sales channels and channel partners

o Analyzed competitor positioning in the region

o Performed a country analysis that included GDP, foreign trade approaches, macroeconomic and socioeconomic indicators

o Evaluated certifications needed for targeted industries

o Performed landed cost analysis

o Assessed current sales channels and potential channel partners including a fit / gap analysis

• Created a channel partner profile to screen candidate channel partners

• Crafted a time-phased sales growth strategy, including risk mitigation approaches

• Prepared an execution plan by product, market, and application within selected countries

• Recommended the appropriate sales management, marketing, and operational structure to support the Go-To-Market Strategy


The results of Business Unlimited's project led to:

• A clear understanding of countries, markets, and products to focus on in the short-term and medium-term

• Sales increases with current and new channel partners

• Channel partners traveling to Corporate Headquarters within 30 days of project completion for product training

• A cohesive and meaningful value proposition to the channel partners to capture and retain focus and mindshare

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