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Growth Strategy Case Study: Sakhet Est.


Sakhet Est. is an industry leader in paint and water proofing contracting in the Middle East. The company already had a successful track record in employee retention and efficiency for its 250 employees, but it needed a growth strategy to help build on that success for the long term.

Business Unlimited was asked to develop that growth strategic plan to prepare Sakhet Est. for future growth.

“We’re a company that has expanded quite nicely and we’ve been operating since 1984,” says Sakhet Est. President, Armand Sakhet. “We brought on Business Unlimited with the firm belief that our operation could be made even more efficient.”


Business Unlimited conducted an organization audit of Sakhet Est. to investigate their management requirements. Following the audit, Business Unlimited recommended and facilitated the hiring of a full-time professional management team to handle Sakhet Est.’s day-to-day management needs. Business Unlimited also continued providing Sakhet Est. with management consulting on high-level projects such as succession planning etc…


Business Unlimited:

• Developed an overall HR strategy for Sakhet Est. to improve HR efficiency

• Provided strategic HR advice on an ongoing basis

• Created standardized procedures for hiring employees and dealing with common HR issues

• Facilitated the hiring of a full-time HR professional to meet the company’s day-today needs

• Provided HR expertise that will help Sakhet Est. retain effective employees over the long term

• Provided training workshops on several soft skills training topics.

“I’m fully convinced that the work Business Unlimited has done has paid dividends in improving our efficiency and improving our ability to track employees’ effectiveness over time,” Sakhet explains. “They understand that you have to adapt strategies for a particular company. They’re not going to just give you a textbook answer. Getting our employees to work together as a team will make us an even better and stronger company.”

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