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Expansion Planning Case Study: La Constructa


La Constructa a Lebanese construction management company owned by the Basil Group [Byblos Bank] was growing quickly from 33 employees in one location to its current size of more than 285 staff in four countries.

Business Unlimited was contacted to provide an overall expansion strategy and a plan on how to manage the growth. Business Unlimited’s expertise was also required for ongoing employee issues such as recruitment plans and senior staff training & coaching.

“We brought Business Unlimited in to help us understand the issues we faced as Management and HR development was not a part of our language, let alone operations,” says General Manager & Partner, Walid Marchi. “Business Unlimited

Consulting remains a fundamental part of stabilizing our expansion.”


Business Unlimited conducted a company wide audit for La Constructa to identify the company’s challenges and priorities and to gain insight into developing an overall expansion strategy.


Business Unlimited:

• Provided strategic General Management & HR advice to La Constructa

• Completed a comprehensive company audit

• Facilitated the hiring of managemnt team for La Constructa

• Conducted a several-session leadership training program for Project Managers on how to manage employees

• Improved effectiveness and morale of Project Managers

• Provided guidance on pay scales for key positions

• Wrote the HR and personnel manual

• Improved succession planning for Project Managers to become junior Partners

“Business Unlimited helped us create a new level of middle management in our company,” Marchi says. “The workshops led by Dr. Hajje have resulted in an empowered group of senior staff who are now initiating fantastic new programs with an unprecedented level of leadership.”

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