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Growth Planning & Implementation Case Study: UCS/UPS

Challenge UCS, UPS franchisee in Lebanon was ready to grow. The international courier services company with over 100 employees was aiming to increase revenues and expand into the market.

Business Unlimited’s expertise in growth strategy and human resources would be key to the company’s success. Overall organization structure and HR policies and procedures had to be organized and adapted for UCS, UPS’ growing needs. UCS, UPS also required strategic guidance, coaching and training for managing key peole.

“We needed Business Unlimited’s expertise on everything from restructuring to interviewing candidates properly, creating a proper job profile prior to hiring to strategic planning,” says UCS, UPS’ President, Roger Saade.


Business Unlimited developed a growth strategy and a strategic human resources plan for UCS, UPS to highlight their priorities. Business Unlimited helped UCS, UPS develop their new organizational charts and job descriptions for all company positions. From there, on-going consultation was provided as needed.


Business Unlimited:

• Provided strategic advice to UCS, UPS

• Developed their new organizational charts

• Interviewed and Assessed all key employees

• Rewritten and Clarified job descriptions for all positions

• Assisted in development of annual employee Continuous Improvement and Team Building days

• Developed a salary scaling scheme

• Provided guidance on pay scales for key positions

• Worked on succession planning

• Wrote the HR manual

• Coached managers on interviewing and managing staff performance

• Ensured training plans were in place for all employees

• Mediated conflicts between employees

• Saved UCS, UPS thousands of dollars by having an organisional advisor “oncall” without the need to hire a full team.

“It’s amazing what kind of impact Business Unlimited has had on the performance of my company,” Saade says. “I’m an entrepreneur and I need consultants like Business Unlimited to help my ideas take shape. To have access to world-class expertise for your business when you need it is literally a dream come true.”

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