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Management Case Study: Large Retail Group


A Large Retail Group with more than 1000 retail staff and 80 point of sale in the region; representing world famous brands - undergoing major management improvement programme.


Improving the performance of the retail group people and organization

Business Unlimited was totally dedicated to helping the retail group improve the performance of their people and the profitability of their business.

Our aim was to build a strategic partnership with the retail group by becoming their long term partners of choice for Management Development, Sales Training, Retail Training, Tailored In-Company Training, One to One Coaching and Mentoring.

The Management Improvement Programme was executed in 4 interlinked phases


Business Unlimited:

• Phase One - Research, (which included Interactive Interviews, Diagnostic Analysis) Evaluation and People Plan

In phase one we provided a range of proven audits, diagnostic tools and health-checks that assisted the retail group to identify gaps in business and people performance, so that investment can be precisely applied to areas that will improve sales and profitability.

The Retail group assessment applications included:

• Job-Fit

a. Profiling

b. Selection

c. Induction

d. Training Needs Analysis

e. Appraisal

f. Career Development

g. Performance Coaching

• Team-Fit

a. Team Assessment

b. Team Development

c. 360 ° Feedback

• Culture-Fit

a. Culture Assessment

b. Values Implementation

c. HR Strategy Formulation

d. Organization Development

• Phase Two

- Design of the tailored Modular Programme, (which included Facilitated Experiential Learning)

• Phase Three

- Delivery of the Modular Programme (supported by One to One Executive Coaching and Mentoring sessions)

• Phase Four

- Follow up and Measurement

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