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Hatem Audit Firm
Hatem Audit Firm: Financial Auditing Hatem Audit Firm performs independent audit services designed to improve the reliability of information prepared by our clients. Hatem Audit Firm audit approach is tailored to suit your organization and takes out from our wide-ranging industry knowledge. Hatem Audit Firm’s deep understanding of regulation and legislation means we can also help you with complex reporting issues. Hatem Audit Firm method is both effective and cost efficient.
Cre8mania: Interactive Communications Agency Cre8mania is an interactive agency specialized in developing effective communications tools and optimizing brand presence on all available digital channels. Cre8mania is a full service digital production house offering your business Web/ mobiles/ tablets sites, Digital interactive videos, Digital games and entertainment, Social media applications, Interactive e-mail signatures, Digital music, Virtual tours, Web/mobile/tablets presentations, Interactive screens animations, Interactive vitrines design, Interactive floor/ wall design, 3D mapping production, Animated outdoor ads and Holograms animations.
Apave Liban
Apave Liban: Technical Risk Management Created in 1867, Apave constitutes today much more than a simple French group. It is a very large network to which more than 200,000 customers have recourse to in order to reduce their risks. 9,700 professionals of risk control, including 7,000 engineers and technicians, are, everyday, proud to undertake this trust mission from 22 countries, 130 agencies, 8 laboratories and 127 training centers. Regional subsidiary of the Apave Group, APAVE Liban is active in Lebanon since 1994 and presents today a global offer of technical and intellectual services, the most complete on the market, in order to satisfy the needs of its customers in all sectors of the economy: organizations, communities, industries, health institution, entertainment & services, buildings and good management, distribution, transport, logistics, energy… With more than 15 years of presence in the Lebanese market and the expertise of its engineers and consultants, APAVE Liban conducted hundreds of missions to the satisfaction of its different stakeholders and continues to prove its efficiency through both a positive return from its clients and social base paralleled to a constant progression of its turnover and number of employees. APAVE Liban succeeded to adapt to its environment while constantly delivering its quality products in conformity with the Group ethics and level of service.
ODYSSEY: Legal & Paralegal Consulting ODYSSEY is a unique firm encompassing a combination of legal, paralegal and consulting services. Its ingenious dynamics, solutions and tools to render specialized advice and to provide day-to-day answers and feedbacks to clients distinguish it. ODYSSEYLEGAL - another kind of law office ODYSSEYLEGAL is a full service law firm specialized in corporate law and business transactions, with a special focus on assisting clients to enter and/or grow in the market, advising them on the most efficient market entry strategy, market growth strategy and tax efficient structure. The firm specializes in all types of contracts and transactions, joint ventures, shareholders agreements, trademark, copyrights and intellectual property rights, establishment of companies, branches, representation offices etc...We also provide focused advice on several key components of company laws and day-to-day corporate compliance services. ODYSSEYCONSULT- odyssey is simply yours ODYSSEYCONSULT is a firm that offers professional solutions related to the following disciplines: corporate communication, policies and procedures and business plan and specialized solutions focused on the corporate secretarial services. With this expertise at hand, we work with the client to get the best result either byexpending each discipline separately or as an integrated system using the tri-angle solution.
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