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Change Management - Responding to market pressures Large Corporate Service Organization


A General Manager in a leading International company (50% Public / 50% Private ownership) headed an $800m business unit that had embarked upon an ambitious change program intended to equip it for market dominance in the near future. The GM oversaw the complete restructure of the firm’s production area.


Business Unlimited was initially engaged to facilitate the integration of The GM senior team (some 25 new and old staff). This quickly evolved into a series of consulting projects and coaching sessions for the General Manager related to the “change task” and his leadership of the emergent issues. The 2-year relationship involved high performance coaching processes; being a sounding board and confidante and the provision of strategic HR / Organizational Development / structural advice.


Business Unlimited:

Hundreds of staff were asked to engage in the Profiling process, which was an opportunity to get to know all the key people, and resulted in some immediate actions around organization restructures, retention, professional and personal development, and stress management.

In addition, all prospective job candidates were Profiled as part of the overall recruitment process, enabling objective recruitment decisions aligned with the new corporate direction and culture.

The General Manager also cascaded the “coaching” to his direct reports and other key staff where specific outcomes of either a high-performance or remedial nature were required (eg, one under-performing middle manager wished: “to become more assertive, be respected by others and have more leadership presence”, if he was to succeed in the new culture. Business Unlimited consultant met with him fortnightly over 6 months. He retained his job).

The outcome over two years included the General Manager’s successful transition of his business unit to a new platform under a fresh structure, with an extraordinary bottom-line performance turnaround.

He has since engaged Business Unlimited in his new senior executive role elsewhere.

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