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of Strategic Business Plan Lebanon softshore cluster - ELCIM - EUROPEAID/122270/D/SV/LB


Lebanon has the ability to rapidly grow in global software and related services industries if key constraints are overcome. The competitiveness comparison shows that the country has intrinsic advantages as a result of its human capital, entrepreneurial-ship and favorable geographic location. Its gaps are remediable, given concerted action by the Government and private sector in tandem.


The overall objectives of the assignment are to assist Lebanon offshore cluster to prepare itself for assuring its competiveness by strengthening its present market position, increasing its production and sales volumes on the local and the export markets and gaining higher profits.


Business Unlimited scope of work for this Mission;

To develop a strategic business plan for Lebanon offshore cluster.

Results achieved were:

The following outputs were achieved:

1. Description of the organization

a. Description of the organization

b. Main strategic objectives

c. Mission and vision

2. Operating plan

a. Main services

b. Logistics

c. Facilities and equipment

d. Implementation timetable and milestones

3. Organization

a. Management and staffing structure

b. Job descriptions for key positions

c. Organization chart

4. Market overview

a. Industry overview

b. Market needs, trends and growth

c. Competition analysis

d. Target markets

e. Marketing and promotional strategy

f. SWOT analysis

5. Financial analysis

a. Membership fees

b. Initial investment including equipment etc…

c. Working capital requirements

d. Financial structure ( equity/loan financing)

e. Staff structure and related costs

f. Operating costs

g. Fixed assets and depreciation schedules

h. Detailed projected financial statements

i. IRR, NPV, and pay back

j. Investment valuation

6. Recommendations and success factors

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