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the Sales Model to Accelerate Growth


A sales force focused on managing existing customer relationship needed to adapt to focusing on growth opportunities

A rapidly growing service company was reaching a stage where growth was flattening. Management determined that a primary cause was the design of the existing sales and support model which encouraged business development staff to manage existing relationships and not seek out new customers or new growth opportunities within existing customers.

The current sales model lacked structure around account coverage and lead generation. As the company grew, the decentralized and unstructured sales model lead to growth leakage. The company needed a solution that refocused the sales force on achieving growth and that was scalable as growth accelerated in the future.


Business Unlimited was hired to develop a new sales structure, compensation model and strategy for interaction between sales and support.

Stages in the engagement included:

• Review existing sales and customer support organizational data including compensation plans, roles and responsibilities, sales process, and territory coverage

• Interview key members in sales, sales management, and support

• Develop a new organizational structure and revised job descriptions for the sales organization

• Develop a sales process for different tiers of accounts that focused sales and customer service on critical activities to drive growth

• Develop a compensation model including measurements and metrics that reinforced the organizational goals

• Develop a roadmap for restructuring the organization and compensation model

• Develop a communication plan to introduce the new model into the organization


The customer is now introducing the new model and compensation scheme into the organization. Based on initial results the new approach is achieving its goals and revenue growth is accelerating to target levels.

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