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Product Candidate Strategic Planning


A biopharmaceutical company with a specialty in women's health was in the process of moving its lead product candidate to Phase III development. The company needed to determine the market potential of the candidate, and understand the strategic options available for continued development and commercialization.

The client sought a market-driven opportunity assessment and strategic approach recommendations for taking its candidate to market. Specifically, its objectives were to:

• Define strategic business decisions facing management and the Board

• Assess the current and future target marketplace by both defining the candidate's relative competitive position and assessing potential marketing partners with a long-term commitment to women's health

• Outline, evaluate and prioritize the strategic options available to the client including revenue forecasts, key risk factors, threats and hurdles for each option

• Devise an approach to marketplace entry as well as strategic options for exit

• Qualitatively assess available pricing positions


Based on guidance from the client, Business Unlimited's analysis focused on three primary markets and two secondary markets. The project integrated an in-depth analysis of both primary and secondary resources, including:

• Quantitative written surveys administered to over 200 physicians who focused on women's health

• In-depth qualitative interviews with thought leaders, market analysts, and the client's internal management

• Collection and analysis of data to determine market size and segments, established economics, and key competitors

• Evaluation of key women's health oriented companies and a selection of potential partners for client consideration

• Development of a 10-year revenue forecast model


Business Unlimited shared its key findings with the client and presented three different strategies the client could choose to pursue: a near term partnership with the end-goal of being acquired, an out-licensing arrangement to fund new product development, or the development of an integrated marketing and sales infrastructure to capture the most long-term value.

If the client were to choose a strategy that included a partnership arrangement, Business Unlimited had identified and prioritized targets that best fit the candidate's profile and needs

Business Unlimited's work and recommendations expressed urgency to the client that it was at a critical crossroads and that important decisions concerning the company's strategic direction were imminent. Business Unlimited equipped the client with tools to help make these decisions; as a result of Business Unlimited's work, client management and the Board shared an understanding of the appropriate markets to pursue and the different strategic ways in which to pursue them. The client was aware of the funding requirements needed to continue development of its product and market it independently. The client knew also the appropriate companies to target if it decided to partner, and what terms and timing conditions would maximize its value in a joint venture.

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