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Case Study: Maid Services Co.


Maid Services Co., a maid service and cleaning company, needed to improve its hiring process to ensure they hired the right employee for a key position. The candidate previously hired for the job turned out to be a poor match, lacking the necessary human skills.

“The person we hired hadn’t worked out and it was an expensive mistake just paying her for 3 months, not including the lost time in productivity,” says Maid Services Co. CEO Hany Atieh. “We wanted to make sure we did better on a second attempt and that’s when we contacted Business Unlimited Consulting.”


Business Unlimited conducted a review of Maid Services Co.’s existing hiring process. Recommended the Hiring Plus service package. This package helps companies to develop and implement a simple, customized, cost-effective hiring process to screen out timewasters, interview with confidence and select the right person for their business.


Business Unlimited:

• Completed a review of the hiring process at Maid Services Co.

• Provided expert advice about basic principles for hiring successfully.

• Provided customizable Hiring Plus templates and solutions for Maid Services Co. to use in hiring for the open position and for future hires.

• Developed templates including a job description guideline, job posting outline, phone interview template, interview template, reference check tool, orientation outline and offer letter sample.

• Assisted Maid Services Co. in implementing the new hiring process in a clear and systematic way.

“We’re very satisfied with our new employee we hired using the Hiring Plus process,” Atieh says. “He’s working out great. The experts at Business Unlimited know what they’re doing. They didn’t just do the work - they taught us how to use the Hiring Plus system for other hires in the future, which is even more valuable. We would definitely use their services again.”

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