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Management Development Coaching Programme – Large Housing Department


Department undergoing major change programme; managers newly in post - one experiencing major difficulties managing a team in conflict.


• To support the two managers through a difficult time

• To agree a development plan for both based on own and peer assessments of criteria

• To work to agreed goals


Business Unlimited:

Both managers completed 6 sessions of paired coaching with Business Unlimited, each session lasting 2 hours. Through working on specific, major areas of concern for the managers we were able to develop a programme that covered the key management functions. They were able to address the issues objectively and try out new ways of working with in-built evaluation thus building on good practice. They also benefited from working in a paired coaching environment and agreed to continue their support system once the programme was completed.

• Both were willing to discuss strategies, issues, behaviors and problems openly and frankly. Individual weaknesses were tackled in an atmosphere of trust.

• Both confronted situations and people appropriately where their previous approach had either been ineffectual or over-emphatic.

• Team building and leadership development improved.

• One achieved a significant promotion.

Coachee's own assessments:

• People management - I have learnt to balance the management of people and task.

• Agreeing clear targets - I have improved on my target and objective setting and can see that staff take these seriously now.

• Conflict management - I now feel more relaxed and can pre-empt conflict situations as they arise.

• Improved my listening skills.

• Better management of time to achieve objectives.

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