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Maintenance Management & Outsourcing Strategies ABC – Department Stores & Mall


The ABC Technical Department team is going through some stress to meet organizational requirement to meet a world class maintenance management practices, at the same time the maintenance team is in constant demand for additional resources. In view of the demands the organization started looking for alternative solutions namely outsourcing. ABC Organization being careful about such a strategic change has decided to have a third party opinion, consultation was therefore essential.


The aim of the consultation process was to diagnose the current technical and management process and find out what the technical people thought about the services currently provided, how these could be improved and what further improvement should be made by the department and organization. The consultation process provided an opportunity for service users, the tenants, managers and stakeholders to have their say on the current satisfaction level and development of the services.


Business Unlimited:

ABC – Recommended Maintenance Management Strategies

We recommended the following basic facets to Best Practices in Maintenance as they will have an impact on ABC organization when integrated, they are:

1. Philosophical and Theoretical Shifts.

2. Understanding Change and Planning.

3. Teamwork.

4. Training.

5. Asset Management.

6. Warehouse/Inventory Control.

7. Corrective Maintenance (CM).

8. Preventive Maintenance (PM).

9. Predictive Maintenance (PdM).

10. Purchasing.

11. Pro-Active Maintenance (PAM).

12. Accountability, setting of KPI’s

• Overview Indicators

• Organizational Structure Indicators

• Stores/Maintenance Parts Management Indicators

• ABC Routine Maintenance Indicators

• Equipment Performance Indicators

13. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

ABC - Recommended Organization Outsourcing Strategies

We recommended the following basic facets to Best Practices in Outsourcing as they will have an impact on ABC organization when integrated, they are:

1. Identifying Goals and Needs

2. Reasons to Use External Resources

3. Reasons to Use Internal Resources

4. Cost-Benefit Analysis

5. Costs of Outsourcing

6. Costs of Using Internal Resources

7. Making the Decision

8. Decision Flowchart

9. Establishing Analysis Criteria

10. Quantitative Considerations

11. Qualitative Considerations

12. Risks

13. Staffing

14. Business Value

15. Implementing Outsourcing Successfully

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