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Change Management – Focus on Improving Operations Large Aviation, consumer electronics, and consumer lifestyles corporation


Given its high growth rate in recent years, a large Aviation corp. desired to conduct a detailed organizational assessment to understand better where the company needed to focus most to improve operations. The areas for this assessment included decision-making processes, leadership capabilities, business process efficiencies and redundancies, organizational communication, department interoperability, and change management issues related to rapid growth.

The company also needed support to identify best practices for organizational structure and work dynamics in one of its key departments. Finally, the company requested an external resource to conduct this assessment to ensure an unbiased perspective when obtaining information.


Business Unlimited provided an experienced organization development consultant who was skilled at organizational analysis, process reengineering and realignment efforts.


Business Unlimited:

Given complete freedom to conduct a thorough assessment, BU consultant met with key partners within the client company, including the Chief Executive Officer, to discuss the assessment and gather initial information. The company was open to both positive and negative feedback based on the results of the assessment. BU consultant was able to translate this support from the highest levels within the organization and ensured an unbiased assessment.

BU consultant first devised the assessment plan and then obtained accurate information from employee groups who completed interviews and focus groups. One of the key challenges in this process was that the company was comprised of two unique cultures – one that emphasized cutting-edge technology and new approaches and one that emphasized a more traditional approach. Senior management also ensured that each participant would receive feedback and that the overall results of the project would be shared within the organization. This communication effort improved the overall quality of the information obtained.

After completing a thorough assessment in the required areas of interest, BU consultant compiled and analyzed the results. Specific recommendations were then presented to senior management that were directly related to the areas of interest expressed at the beginning of the project. The recommendations were designed to provide honest feedback to leadership, improve decision-making processes and inter-group communication, and address issues related to change and rapid growth.

The client demonstrated complete commitment to implementing the recommendations and requested that the consultant remain on the project. BU consultant helped the client implement the recommendations and track their results.

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