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As much as we've grown over the years, we've never forgotten our core values.
Our core values are the pillars that hold us together and keep us standing strong.
They are shared by everyone at Business Unlimited.
Guided by these values, we look forward to bringing you the best possible
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Franchising a business is all about creating an offering that works for both the franchisor and franchisee.

You will feel confident when you work with BUSINESS UNLIMITED, our integrated approach system, and a highly qualified team of professionals and specialists, who will guide you every step of the way.

Through our integrated approach system, we:

- Prepare your franchise operational and organizational structure that meets your company's vision, mission, goals and objectives.
- Create uniform and standardized support packages that are needed by your franchisee to be successful.
- Design legal documents that define your company's responsibilities and operations.
- Secure financing sources for your company.
- Write manuals that franchisees will read and use because they will be able to locate information in 5 seconds.
- Organize manuals that you will be able to update easily and quickly because of our non-chronological paging system.
- Design comprehensive interactive training programs that are based on the manual (s).
- Develop effective franchisee recruitment, sales, marketing, and training programs.
- Create franchising recruitment ads and brochures that will attract the best qualified prospects.
- Conduct a franchise sales training program for your team.

B - Expand to the MENA region

Business Unlimited enjoys decades of experiences uniquely diversified on the local and international level, mainly in franchising, marketing, advertising, management, financing, investment, retail, training and development.

If you think you have a successful brand and want to expand in the Middle East, we are in a unique position in the heart of the business network with massive contacts, marketing and financial tools to offer you the best business solutions to achieve your goals.

As franchising consultants, working with a vast international consultants network, Business Unlimited can work together to tailor the most comprehensive franchising solutions to develop your business and find you the most qualified master franchisees in the whole region. If you think your business can benefit from these opportunities, we are waiting for you to communicate to us.

The way forward to the Middle East
With decades of combined experiences in franchise management and business development between us and our network of international partners worldwide, we are at Business Unlimited in a unique position to assist you to prepare a long term international development strategy.

We work by following these interlinked steps:

A. Obtaining an objective, independent and qualified opinion as to whether your concept, operating experience and business performance are sufficient to be suitable for the Middle Eastern markets.
B. Identify the right Middle Eastern markets for a phased development plan.
C. Identify the best development options and the most appropriate entry strategy to the selected counties.
D. Understanding the realities of the process and what can make it work.
E. Determining the changes that need to be made to make your business more operational in Middle Eastern markets.
F. Prepare the financial models for both the franchisor and franchisee to ensure the economics of the deal are appropriate.
G. Evaluating your systems, resources and marketing capabilities.
H. Assessing the impact of an international development plan on existing resources and the likely need to dedicate new resources.
I. Prepare all the necessary international franchise documents.
J. Prepare the Franchise Operation Manual - which will need to be adapted and translated for the Middle Eastern country.
K. Prepare the Master Franchise Agreement - and a detailed version for each targeted country.
L. Preparing the fees structures for each targeted country.
M. Understanding the purpose, importance and value of the Middle Eastern markets Pilot Tests.
N. Setting the parameters of the Pilot Test and monitoring the results.
O. Developing a Franchise Recruitment Process and strategy.

C- Congratulations we identified your Master Franchisee!

Business Unlimited Franchise development division have the experience and skills to implement and execute your franchise agreement by providing the following services:

A. Preparing the Master Franchisee business plan
B. Follow-up on the kick start & the proper execution of the agreement & payment conditions
C. Selection of the appropriate locations
D. Qualifying architects & contractors with coordination between the franchisor and the franchisees
E. Assisting in recruitment of key personnel
F. Training franchisees’ management & staff
G. Assisting in grand opening
H. Developing & monitoring the local area marketing & advertising plan
I. Auditing, controlling & consulting the franchised operations and their compliance with franchisor’s quality standards.
J. Monitoring & consulting financial performance of franchisees.
K. Helping the franchisee in the development of their territory
L. Ongoing general consulting, Training & coaching support.

If you think your business can benefit from these opportunities, we are waiting for you to communicate to us.
A brief
Download our Strategic Franchise Development Consulting Catalgue and Browse through its pages and send an email to and /or call +961 4 41 60 61 to have an experienced Franchise Expert help you.
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Courseware Kit
Every Business Unlimited Soft Skills Training Course
come with a full Courseware Kit as described below:

What a difference a day makes
Don’t let a lack of time come between you and a career-advancing and human resources development opportunity.
Build your skills and train your team with Business Unlimited’s Training Seminars & workshops — a smart solution to help keep your professional journey on course.
Participant Manual Workbook
Facilitator/Trainer Manual
Training Ice Breaker
We have developed special icebreakers that are ready-to-use in the training session.
Course Exercises, Course Evaluation
We have developed detailed participants evaluation tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the course.
PowerPoint Slides
You will receive Microsoft PowerPoint Slides that are customized so that that are designed to stimulate participants learning an
Further Reading
We will Provide your participants with a summary of additional materials on the subject matter.
As much as we've grown over the years, we've never forgotten our core values. Our core values are the pillars that hold us together and keep us standing strong. They are shared by everyone at Business Unlimited. Guided by these values, we look forward to bringing you the best possible consulting and training experience.
Customers drive our business. We will enhance our understanding of customers and their needs through continuous learning.

We are determined to be the best at meeting customers' needs for quality products, prices and services. While we are proud of our accomplishments, we will constantly challenge ourselves to improve.
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