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How to reinstall NI libraries without re-downloading via Native Access?

The factory offerings are highly evolved, professional Ensembles with full documentation.

They include synths, sample manglers, groove boxes, sequencers, and devices that defy description see Fig. If you have Komplete, don''t overlook Reaktor; you''ll find sounds and processes you''ll not see in standalone products, including the other products in Komplete.


Komplete 6 brings enough improvements to make upgrading a must, and the upgrade price is the same from any previous version. If you have none of the included products, or have older versions of some, getting on the Komplete bandwagon is well-worth considering. No matter what kind of music you make, Komplete 6 is an outstanding collection of sound-production tools.

Len Sasso is a freelance writer and frequent EM contributor. For a komplete sampling of his music, visit swiftkick.

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Perhaps the most notable addition, though, is the Control Room component, which contains both cabinet models and an array of mic models, and lets you select which mics to use on a cabinet, how to pan them, and more. Guitar Rig offers myriad options for just about everything, and Control Room is no exception. It gives you a more flexible alternative to the Matched Cabinet and Cabinets Mics components, although it provides fewer cabinet models eight than either of them. It gives you up to eight simultaneous mic choices way more than any cabinet modeling component in previous versions , including emulations of a Royer and a beyerdynamic M —the first ribbon mic models ever offered in Guitar Rig—as well as Neumann U47 and Sennheiser models, among others.

Like other modeling software, Guitar Rig doesn''t contain the actual names of the units being modeled, but gives names that leaves no doubt as to what they are modeled from. Each mic in Control Room has its own channel strip comprising a pan knob, a volume slider, and mute and solo switches. You can dial up your own mix of the mics to get the tone you want with no phase problems , and using the pan controls you can set up a pretty wide-sounding track from a mono source great for rhythm guitar parts that you want to sound larger.

Control Room is a digital emulation of the carefully phase-aligned multi-mic cabinet setups of German guitar-recording guru Peter Weihe. To preserve the phase alignment between mics, Control Room doesn''t offer the ability to move a mic''s virtual positioning, something you can do in some other amp simulators. But you do get global control over Volume, Bass, and Air room sound , and the tweaking possibilities are quite extensive see Web Clip A. The new cabinet models are all Marshall emulations. Cool Plex which wasn''t in the first release of Guitar Rig 4, but will be introduced in 4.

Both sound quite good and add some subtle differences to GR4''s amp palette. By setting its gain switch to Lo, you can get some pretty convincing clean tones, as well. New effects abound, making Guitar Rig even more of a sound-shaping playground than before. These new components mainly tread into sound-design territory, especially Grain Delay, which uses granular slicing, pitch shifting, and modulation to offer up some pretty unusual sounds see Web Clip B.

Twin Delay offers parallel delay lines and makes it super-easy to set up excellent stereo effects. Iceverb emulates the sonics of an icy cave. It''s pretty cool-sounding no pun intended and gives you an unusual color, but it''s more of a special effect than a bread-and-butter reverb. Octaverb has eight different small-room emulations and provides some very nice ambience options. Version 4 introduces true-stereo processing to Guitar Rig, which makes it more attractive for use on stereo sources of all types. There is also new support for NI''s Rig Kontrol 2 and 3 pedals I wasn''t able to test this feature , and a new Master FX module also to be introduced in 4.

Overall, Guitar Rig 4 Pro especially 4. How To. Last december I had to do a clean install of my system High Sierra back to Sierra There was no way to let Native Access know that Komplete Ultimate was already installed! I had to redownload everything and then the installers found out there was no need to install anything.

As this whole process took days suffice to say it was really, really annoying!!! KV , Feb 2, I went through the same issue.

NI Komplete 12 Instruments-Effects VST-AU MAC OSX

In the end, I downloaded an earlier version of kontakt, added the libraries via that, then updated kontakt. Native instruments have an online article about it, but i cant seem to find it. I think EvilDragon has posted it before. Feb 3, I did a complete clean install of my studio rig a couple of weeks ago.

There's an article on NI somewhere or as has been said it may have been an EvilDragon post here about how to do it but yes basically you install pre 5.

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One word of warning, and it took me 3 days of troubleshooting with absolutely no constructive help from NI, do not under any circumstances run the old Service Center during the process mine opened at some point during the Kontakt re-install and it cause me major headaches with Native Access - some library's were showing as demo only and a lot said they were installed and they weren't showing in Kontakt with no way to install them - the old service centre. Anyway, it was a complete nightmare to rectify but as long as you follow the instructions and do NOT let Service Centre run, you don't have to re-install everything - Native Access will pick it up after you've set the path in prefs.

Edit to add: ChazC , Feb 3, Go into your user account and dl the old version of Kontakt. I think it was called Locate Library?

KOMPLETE Instruments And Effects

My mind is fuzzy on the details. From there you just point Kontakt to where the libraries reside on your HD. It has happened enough to me in my he past year, that I keep the. HeliaVox , Feb 3, Thanks for these invaluable hints since I am about to reinstall windows. Sid Francis , Feb 3, Aug 11, Save time by spreading curation tasks among your team.

Native Instruments Komplete 6 (Mac/Win) Review

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The easiest way to get all your music creation tools ready for use; Download, install, buy Native Instruments hardware or a bundled product such as KOMPLETE, System Requirements: Mac OS X or macOS , , (latest. Mac OS: MB; Windows: MB; System requirements. Please also download the free KONTAKT FACTORY SELECTION library (scroll down)!.

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