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Now the PC version is finally here and it comes with even more extras like 4K display support and Rockstar Editor. If you played Grand Theft Auto V on consoles, the plot is the same.

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Download and installation help. After installing, try playing GTA V. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets. Garry's Mod The mod that became a legend. The three of them will have their own storylines and will have to deal with their own motivations and situations through the game. I'll let you do this as it's pretty easy. They will have different statistics to be improved and all of them will have bars to indicate life, armour and special abilities.

There haven't been any updates or changes. You still play as three characters: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor in overlapping stories full of action , comedy, and some really weird situations. Grand Theft Auto V also has tons of side missions like street racing, hunting, exercising, and locating bail jumpers.

GTA V Full Version Download

These missions are all based off a specific character. One of the strengths of Grand Theft Auto V is the immersive story, letting you live the lives of these three characters. The cast of secondary characters is also amazing, brought to life with excellent voice acting. There is also online multiplayer called GTA Online. You create an avatar and live in Los Santos completing missions to earn money, buy apartments, upgrade cars, and live the life of the high roller.

The third part of the classic GTA series

Jun 2, GTA 5 MAC Download Free Game. On this page you can free download Grand Theft Auto 5 for Mac OS X + Torrent Latest Version. The official home of Rockstar Games. Featured Download. iOSAndroid. PC & Mac Games. More. Grand Theft Auto Mobile Games & Apps GTA$3,,

There are also online Heists that you complete with other players. These heists are like missions completed in the single-player mode but tailored for teams of players. Rockstar Editor is a recording and editing toolset that lets you record and edit real-time footage. You have a huge amount of features like manual recording, camera options, effects, and access to a selection of Grand Theft Auto V's radio station music.

You are given open control of the world to create your films. It's the same game with more options. The upgraded visuals show off the full potential of the game engine. The addition of the new radio station "The Lab FM" offers some new music, but you can also use local files to create your own radio stations. Grand Theft Auto V is a great game. The story is convoluted and disturbing at times but each character is fully fleshed out.

As you get drawn into the criminal world of each character, it's hard not to become immersed. GTA Online gives the game even more life with different missions like racing or team deathmatch along with player created missions. Heists bring an even bigger reason to play as you work with friends to steal even bigger items. We will need to plan the robbery, which includes gathering all the possible information about it. So taking pictures of the building, checking the ventilation conducts or simply stealing the blueprint will be part of our job before we take any further action.

After the management, we will need to choose between the different attack options. There are two possible ways to deal with the robbery: The gang will be completed by the specialist that we will need in each moment. So we can hire skilled technology hacker, drivers, snipers… as required. The crew will be npcs non playable characters but they can increase their abilities as much as we call them to help us. After the planning, we will need to get all the pre-job actions needed, such as robbing cars or bribing someone.

All the jobs will be rewarded by achievements of gold, silver or bronze punctuations that will be shared online with our friends for our personal reputation. To plan and complete one robbery can perfectly take us two hours of our life, so try to focus on the job to succeed on the first attempt. But a man does not live just by robberies. As in previous games of the franchise there are multiple minigames to been played. Feel free to walk around the cities or get a countryside tour to South California, use as many vehicles as you want or just enjoy playing tennis matches or golf while dealing with drugs.

Freedom will be our best ally to live in Los Santos. These secondary missions will immerse us on muddy business as a paparazzo where we will need to take awkward pictures of a famous celebrity; community works, parachute jumps, rock climbing or professional toll jobs as an example. Apart from that, each protagonist will have enough free time to recreate themselves with challenges on theme parks, darts games, scuba diving, speed races on land and on jet skis at sea.

And from time to time we will find ourselves on a random city living additional situations, like helping people on the streets from puma attacks or taking them home after a crazy drunk night. All of those actions will be showed without cinematic video transitions or loading scenes, because the whole game will work smooth on our televisions. The individualizations of the game will be complete on GTA V.

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Apart from the costumes clothes, complements… , corporal ornaments tattoo, hairstyles, facial hair As much as we drive the cars or motorbikes, flight planes and helicopters, run, aiming At that point of the review is necessary to introduce you to Chop. He is Franklin's dog and his best friend. Training him with the iFruit application an IPhone version on game and actually a real application for our smartphones we will be able to train Chop to find treasures or to defend his owner and attack.

His is even useful to flirt with women in case that we want some company. There are so many game opportunities to enjoy Grand Theft Auto 5.

A whole interactive world, full of life is waiting for us in this immersive open world. The GTA fans will find some familiar faces around the game. This is one of the most ambitious productions ever made. Gamers and critic reviews acclaim the innovation and improvements as we could see when the game was introduce on the Guinness World Record register for several achievements: Been the most sold copies game in 24h. An Entertaining product which broke the billion dollars earnings top.

The most seen videogame trailers of all time on Youtube and Itunes. Ocarina of Time. The soundtrack is again one of the most demanded products on the GTA's games.

One of the best games ever

Feel free to turn on the radio and drive your car to the horizon, listening your favourite music. Every Grand Theft Auto blockbuster title is followed by a big amount of controversy. In addition to his intense violence, humour, adult language and the constant use of drugs and alcohol, there is a noticeable amount of explicit content. The characters misogyny will be obvious on their conversations and discussions.

Women characters will be quite stereotypical and most of them will be prostitutes. The metropolis will be surrounded by freaks, drugs and constant noir underworld life. The pedestrians will swear at us if we try to pass over them and the police will not be an exemplary model.


The game is based on criminal acts and the sandbox gives us the opportunity of being as naughty as we wish. The game also make a real world social hypocrisy critic with allusions to the privacy lost that we are suffering with the government spy programs and a Twitter and Facebook satiric version.

Even xenophobic reflexions from society are showed on game. Close to the Mexican border we'll see how the police shoot immigrants with no mercy. Satire virginity and political advertising jokes are showed with no inhibition from the developers on CNT the CNN version on the game. Reviewers from all around the world acclaimed the game as soon as it was launch and test.

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Rockstar Games made it again, the question now is: The game has been released for Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation 3 consoles. Unfortunately, there is no news about the PC version but it seems that the new console generation will have a version soon.