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macOS 10.13 / 10.14: Create a Recovery Boot Drive

Well, this broke the endless loop cycle and I once again had access to my Recovery HD partition. That process includes these steps: This whole process will take double or triple the time it would take to reinstall Lion over itself using a USB thumb drive. Granted that might not fix the problem based on my experience above, but at least it would take less time and it would be worth a try.

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Today in Apple history: Mac creator complains about Steve Jobs. How to get p YouTube videos in iPad Safari. Since the introduction of OS X Lion, Apple did away with recovery disks, but we know that while this is super convenient for many, having an actual recovery disk can be beneficial at times.

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This is the simplest and fastest solution to have available to you anytime, anywhere. Therefore, if you need to restore lost data from the system disk under macOS How to disable "System Integrity protection"? Please follow the steps below. Step 2 When the " OS X Utilities " screen appears, pull down the " Utilities " menu at the top of the screen instead, and choose " Terminal ". Step 3 In the " Terminal " window, type in " csrutil disable " and press " Enter " then restart your Mac.

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If you are booted from the volume that you have selected in CCC's sidebar, the option to Restore or Remove the Recovery HD associated with that volume will be disabled. These steps are not for the faint of heart. In order to clone the Recovery HD, we must first make it visible, so that our cloning application can work with the volume. This is good news for the many Mac users who would like to have the Recovery HD volume on a drive other than the startup volume. If you remember back to when we started this process, we asked you to use Terminal's "diskutil" to find the Recovery HD volume.

Recover APFS partition by following this step by step tutorial. When your data get lost from Mac hard drive, you can get download Recoverit data recovery for Mac to retrieve your data back.

This MacBook Air hard drive recovery guide helps you to recover files from hard drive of a healthy or crashed MacBook Air with ease. This page introduces the best photo recovery software to help you recover deleted or lost photos from Mac hard drive or any other storage devices.

Learn how to fix common issues related to Mac High Sierra update. Otherwise, follow the guide to make the Debug menu visible, and then come on back and we'll continue the cloning process. You can create the Recovery HD clone on any volume listed in Disk Utility, but the cloning process will erase any data on the destination volume. For this reason, it's a good idea to resize and add a partition dedicated to the new Recovery HD volume you are about to create. Disk Utility probably won't be able to create a partition that small , so just use the smallest size it can create.

Creating the new Recovery HD volume this way doesn't set the visibility flag to hidden. As a result, the Recovery HD volume will appear on your desktop. Here's how. If you have multiple Recovery HD volumes attached to your Mac, you can select the one to use in an emergency by starting your Mac with the option key held down.

This will force your Mac to display all available bootable drives. You can then pick the one you want to use for emergencies. Since Disk Utility can no longer access the hidden Recovery HD partition, we have to use a different method, specifically, Terminal and the command line version of Disk Utility, diskutil.

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Our first step is to create a disk image of the hidden Recovery HD. The disk image does two things for us; it creates a copy of the hidden Recovery HD volume, and it makes it visible, easily accessible from Mac's desktop.

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We need to find the disk identifier for the hidden Recovery HD partition. Enter the following at the Terminal prompt:.

A Word of Warning

how to create mac recovery partition home Next we need to create a bootable USB disk so that we can install a new copy of High Sierra. The simplest way to create a Attach your USB flash drive to your Mac.

Terminal will display a list of all partitions your Mac is able to access, including those that are hidden. The line with the Recovery HD item will also have a field labeled Identifier. Here you'll find the actual name used by the system to access the partition.


It will likely read something like:. The identifier for your Recovery HD partition may be different, but it will include the word "disk", a number, the letter "s", and another number. Once you know the identifier for the Recovery HD, we can proceed to make the visible disk image. The next step is to partition the drive that you wish to have the Recovery HD volume created on. However, since the size can change with each new version of the operating system, I suggest making the partition size larger than 1.

I actually used 10 GB for mine, quite a bit of overkill, but the drive I made it on has plenty of space. The next-to-last step is to clone the Recovery HD disk image to the partition you just created. You can do this in the Disk Utility app using the Restore command. If you remember back to when we started this process, we asked you to use Terminal's "diskutil" to find the Recovery HD volume.

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So, our last task is to set the Type. This will also cause the Recovery HD volume to become hidden. We need to discover the disk identifier for the Recovery HD volume you just created. Because this volume is currently mounted on your Mac, we can use Disk Utility to find the identifier. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

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