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NET application. We have access to standard classes such as FileInfo , found in the System. IO in order to use these classes:. This newfound power opens up a few interesting possibilities in terms of what kind of applications developers can consider building or rather, building in a way that is user-intuitive.

Imagine, for example, a Silverlight picture-editing application; We could use Local File Access to automatically load the thumbnails of all the pictures into the application.

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The user could then apply effects to a given image, and that image could then be automatically saved back to the MyPictures directory. This is the part of the article where sirens start going off and lights start flashing. When running in Elevated Trust, Silverlight has the ability to call COM components, which reside on the local machine. IsAvailable property. This is the preferred approach over using System. Platform , which is used to check for a specific platform:. Whilst COM Interop can be seen as a controversial feature, it fundamentally opens up Silverlight to a powerful set of functionality which would otherwise be unavailable and, for some people, is seen as an essential part of building rich, interactive business applications.

As you can see in Fig. IsAvailable is set to true, and wired up the click event to code behind:.

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We use the CreateObject method to get our instance in this case of the Windows Scripting Shell Library , and the dynamic keyword allows our object to be late bound and resolved at runtime. If you implement the code in fig. It also rather neatly demonstrates that Silverlight has access to the Clipboard API and, in Elevated trust mode, does not need the user to agree to its usage. All three have their disadvantages and advantages, but between them they provide an incredibly flexible base for building rich interactive applications to suit almost any situation.

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Compliant Database DevOps. Standardize team-based development Automate database deployments Monitor performance and availability Protect and preserve data. Development Operations IT Management. Home SQL. With Elevated Trust, we gain access to additional local resources, and gain the ability to do much more with our Silverlight application, such as: Setting up Elevated Trust Elevated Trust mode in Silverlight 4 is only available when the application is running Out-of-Browser, and is activated from a checkbox on the Out-of-Browser dialog.

Fig 4 — Default Chrome. Fig 5 — Borderless Chrome. Fig 6 — Borderless Rounded Corners. DragMove ;. Visible ;. Fig 8 — Our Dialog complete with minimize and close controls. Minimized ;. Close ;. Fig 9 — Implementing a resize handler for our custom chrome. BottomRight ;.

Three ways to get your MAC address.

Fig 10 — The Resized Chrome. Fig 11 — Automatically loading a picture from the MyPictures folder.

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GetFolderPath Environment. MyPictures ;. Contains ". Fig 12 — Calling up the Calculator application from Silverlight. CreateObject "WScript. Run "c: CreateObject "Excel. Add ;. ActiveSheet ;. Range "A1" ;. Range "A2" ;. Range "A3" ;. Range "A4" ;.

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Calculate ;. Get this solution by purchasing an Individual license! Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL Silverlight as a client-side framework has no way of accessing the client machine due to potential security breaches. The client machine's MAC address falls into that category which means u can't do that. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. BuggyCoder Commented: It's more than this solution.

Getting MAC Address from a MAC Client [VS2010] Silverlight

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Apart from every computer on the internet having an IP address, each ethernet computer has a bit MAC address. Let us take the ethernet cards for example. Elevated Trust mode in Silverlight 4 is only available when the application is running Out-of-Browser, and is activated from a checkbox on the Out-of-Browser dialog. When this occurs, vista will sometimes display a blue screen that contains a phone message that states that windows has been shut down in order to damage to your pc. Once installation is complete, try Netflix again.

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The security model of Silverlight is such that you can't access anything from the client machine outside the browser sandbox and the (small) amount of disk. there for I trying to get MAC address or unique information from client's machine How to create control that get client information in silverlight.