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The Weekly Flickr. Flickr Blog. Get Pro. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Photo by eyetwist. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I have just received the latest April edition of the Nikon 'Pro' magazine, which contains an 'Ask Nikon' section based on topical questions which are answered by a Nikon representative. The following is a direct transcript; Q " I purchased a copy of Capture NX2 and when I installed an update it said my product key was invalid and could not be used.

Why is this happening? Unfortunately some product keys were being generated using illegal software. Customers using those keys broke our licensing agreement, which is why we blocked these illegal numbers. Unfortunately, as some of the numbers generated by the software may have been the same as genuine customers' numbers, their software would also have been blocked. Where this has happened we can issue a new software key to the customers that purchased the software.

To get a new key simply contact our support staff via the Support site www. We can then issue you with a replacement key. I realise that this is no longer particularly topical, and hopefully that will not change. But the activities of one particular 'rogue trader' caused a great deal of upset to group members, so I have decided to make this post simply because it is an official response from Nikon. In the absence of any further discussion, it will presumably pass into archive, but be available for future reference.

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It also occurs to me that Nikon appear to assume purchase of the CD, rather than downloading the software of which there is no mention. So please do not shoot the messenger here!! Publish Preview. Hi the particular 'rogue trader' was Imagemixer.

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It seems it is now back on line, still selling Nikon Software. Be warned, the keys they provide are illegal! Post Reply Preview.

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Edited by ad hoc horse member 8 years ago. I have since upgraded it several times to CNX2. Do I keep receipts for personal purchases of software from that long ago? I've moved house since then, so can I lay my hands on the original CD? Does Nikon have an audit trail of my legitimate upgrades. It ought to.

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Does this count for anything with Nikon UK? Am I going to re-buy a licence for CNX? Am I alone in feeling stitched up by Nikon? I register my software purchases as well as camera, lens and other equipment. When I log in, I have this information, as does Nikon. For the sake of ease and backup, I have a password program I use for recording software product information, purchase date, etc and key. These types of files are very small and use a password to open. Many mobile telephones now have versions that can be used with a pc or mac and all are inexpensive. Hi Sharon, Was that comment for me or someone else?

Nikon UK is behaving as though I were a new and suspect customer. I wonder when Imagemixer. Cheers, Roger. I cannot see any statement in this licence agreement support. I think that Nikon is trying to move cost of their incompetence to the end user. Hi Roger, I was not directing my previous post to you.

I just thought I would say as a general tip or reminder in general. Sorry I wasn't clear. Nicely put.

Marc 8 years ago. Carl-dania Thanks for posting that. Good to know. I go one step further and scan my receipts to pdf. I've never had to use the information knock on wood , but since all my equipment costs more than my car it gives me peace of mind! I had a similar issue recently following an update to my copy of Camera Control Pro. After a few e-mails back and forward, including invoices and photos of the original disk and serial, Nikon provided a new working CCP2 key for me and it has been working fine ever since appart from the "not showing the acquired image in VNX" issue.

Save Cancel Drag to set position! Photo by eyetwist. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. My serial number that accompanies my cd of capture nx is deemed not valid once I changed my pc. Publish Preview. Post Reply Preview.

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Now the cynical side of my nature wonders about why someone joins Flickr, has no photos and joins just 1 group asking about CNX serial numbers. John the Photographer 8 years ago. It depends on what you were trying to do.

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You'll need to purchase an upgrade for it to work. PMLPhoto 8 years ago. Or it was bought from Imagemixer! BlackwoodBob or backward Bob? So cynical indeed. I have many photos that could adorn your pages and receive wild acclaim as my work has, however in this instance I developed a problem that I even smart as I do consider myself in photographic parlance couldnt fix. The product by the way was purchased from BHphotovideo in NY, but you probably dont get past your local instant shop.

Because I was trying to re install Capture nx 1 , on another pc it was not accepting the original serial number, so hence I was directed to this marvellous group it seems who cant get out of their own paddock with an open mind and help without sarcasm being introduced.

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So sorry for you guys, I will reveal my identity later and it might shock you. I look forward to some intelligent conversation in future if this site is a good one. JackHo9 8 years ago. JackHo9 am well aware of the problems associated with imagemixer, but in my case this did not exist and to make it worse no one asked the possibility of this being the case , ie image mixer purchase.

Hopefully the people at nikon imaging will have some positive input. CadenzaPhotography 8 years ago. Charlie Packard 8 years ago. Fairly amateur statement coming up: Perhaps NX1 is not updated to work with the OS on your [new? Dinger95 Posted 8 years ago.