Mac keyboard lower keys not working

bottom row of keys not working

If at all anyone gets this problem. Try opening the laptop, disconnect the keyboard from the motherboard the connector is always near the battery try , by this I dont mean the whole keyboard, just the connector.

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Then wipe the connector with a clean piece of cloth then re insert it again and then switch on the laptop. The keys should be working fine. Its the connector that confuses the keys either because there is dirt or loose connection. All the best. This is a hardware thing. Even reformatting wont help. I have done this and the only thing that helped is cleaning the connector. Out of curiosity, did you give our solution a try before implementing your solution?

I have a macbook pro using OSX I have been dealing with an issue for about 2 years now where my e,r,t,y,u,i and o keys suddenly stop working. My only remedy to solve this problem was to open up keyboard viewer and randomly click buttons till the unresponsive keys shortly after start working again. I get a unresponsive keyboard for the letters once every minutes or whenever I wake my macbook up from sleep. I had tried using my windows operating system using bootcamp to see if the keys worked but I had the same result. I use my macbook pro a lot but because of my unresponsive keys I use a exterior keyboard most of the time.

I generally would like to use my internal keyboard again without the hassle of spamming my keyboard till my keys work. I have tried have tried removing my windows operating system on my bootcamp, changed keyboard import sources and tried removing useless programs and clutter on my macbook. I also tried looking into fixes online and this article is the closes I could find to my issue. I am currently using my internal keyboard and mouse pad for this letter and have ran into the problem of unresponsive keys about 8 times. This did not work for me unfortunately any other suggestions? My keyboard keys are working in other users on my mac and when I put in my user password and on the keyboard viewer just not in my user account.

What I have since discovered is that if you hold down any vowel key in notes, it produces an extra set of symbols…. Anyway, thanks again. Can you try logging in as a guest account, applying the fix in our article above and then see if you can log into your regular account? Thanks for your feedback and interesting observation. For the comma key, have you tried giving your keyboard a spring clean? Check out the solution at the bottom of the page here to see if that fixes the problem, although you may need to find cleaning instructions to fit your particular keyboard: Have you tried popping the comma key off to see if anything looks out of place behind it?

If all looks fine then maybe take it to a Genius bar to see if they can diagnose the issue. Go into System Preferences and choose Accessibility. Choose Mouse and Trackpad. If Enable Mouse Keys is ticked, untick it. Then choose Options in this same panel and untick Press Option Key five times etc. In my case I apparently activated this Enable Mouse Keys. It still happens occasionally without my conscious input!

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I cannot remember how I worded my Google request to get there! All the very best,. Then i was lucky enough to stumble on your page. May the force be with you, paolo. I cannot believe how easy it was to fix it. Glad that our fix has saved the life of another Mac. Tried fix above but did not work. Sara, Thank you!! This worked perfectly. I have been trying for months to get a solution to this frustrating problem of various keys on my Mac that randomly stop working.

Much appreciated!! But in searching again and again…. I have started having the exact same problem and initially it seemed that this was the solution. However, it seems to be getting worse. Is your keyboard still working? This works, but only after hooking up a different keyboard!!

I hooked up a Logitech K Plus with which the keys on he worked just fine. Suddenly, the dead keys on my the imbedded keyboard of my MBPro started to work correctly again.

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When I did so I noticed that the y, u, i and o keys, all of which were no longer working, would pop up their accent keys on the viewer. On a hunch, I disabled this through a terminal command see http: Hi Paul, thanks for your feedback — this is great to know and will hopefully help others in the same situation. You guys need to figure this out… please! Went to the apple store, they checked the hardware and it was fine.

Good job, Apple. They suck. You are a life-saver. Your solution worked perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to post this. NEVER take it down! Sarah, I just upgraded to the latest version of Sierra last night that was available, I believe version I was working fine prior to the upgrade as far as the keyboard etc.

I do notice that by depressing the K and M for a period of time, the cursor seems to move up and down very slowly as though I had the mouse keys enabled but I do not. Have you any additional ideas as to what I can try? Again, this works perfectly yesterday and only stopped working after I did the upgrade on the OS. Had the same problem for a while and have given various things a go. For me, it was t,y,u,i,o keys. I finally fixed it, there were a few hairs under my e key. Pull it out and get at it with the tweezers and others if you can be bothered works like a charm.

Ive been using an external keyboard for months, I cant believe it. My Mac is from but still a fast computer which should last me a few more years! Just 1 tip from me. That worked! Firstly, I just want to say that its pretty shocking that this is an ongoing issue for iOS users since 20 4 I cant type the number one, doh! So Ive been having issues for a few months: Its like a disease thats spreading on my laptop!!! I see that you have been responding to everyone on here and posted quite a few links to alternative solutions, but theres quite a few links to go through so Id be really grateful if you could respond and send me the best link that you think will work for me.

I have a macook air so the keyboards built into the laptop. Thanking you in advance Sara! Because the problem is spreading for you, then it might be that your keyboard needs a little spring clean — check out the solution at the bottom of the page here to see if that fixes the problem, although you may need to find cleaning instructions to fit your particular keyboard: Heres a vid of what it is if your not familiar with it: Thanks for the Karabiner Elements video — hopefully that might help other readers who find this page. I had a similar problem, it drove me nuts. I finally solved it by doing the following: Go to: Are you able to figure out the trigger that causes the problem to occur again?

Perhaps rebooting, or opening a certain program? This did not work for me. Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback. Did you check out the keyboard cleaning link? Sometimes the issue can be caused by a physical obstruction rather than a software issue. Thanks to this page, I checked the keyboard settings.

And… the problematic keys work — at least for now. I was thinking it was my toddler destroying my computer or the time I was cooking and looking at a recipe online with wet hands! This saved me going to the Apple Store and worrying they would tell me I needed a whole new computer!!! I switched to a British keyboard, got my letters back, then deleted the US keyboard, then re-added the US keyboard.

And it works! I have tried all the other links in the forum posts and still not working. This is on a Macbook Pro laptop keyboard not a wireless or a wired keyboard. This has to be a motherboard issue since my wired keyboard works fine. Thanks for your feedback, and sorry to hear that none of the suggested solutions have worked for you.

I had this problem for over a month on my Macbook pro 13 inches, early The row q-o just stopped working. Apple does not service this model anymore…. After reading this thread, i tried it and it did ease up the problem a bit but I still encounter an intermittent key problem — although way less troublesome than before. Will continue observing. But I am grateful because now at least I am back to using my laptop without the external keyboard.

Thanks for this!! Thanks for your feedback Girlee, and glad our solution helped to ease the problem. If you spot any patterns which trigger the issue, please do let us know!

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I had two keyboards installed in sys pref, US, and Typeit4me, the latter was selected when opened Sys pref. I followed the suggestion and installed the British keyboard, selected the US , closed sys pref and no dice. Hope that helps someone. She was not happy with my interim solution of plugging in a usb keyboard. Found that it was specifically the yuio keys not working. Did what you said by adding a British keyboard.

When you can’t type a certain character on your Mac, here’s how to troubleshoot it

Problem immediately solved. Sara, If you were within hugging distance right now, you would have to run from me! Many thanks… many thanks…. My pleasure Galen! Thank you so much! My g key randomly stopped working with a coding assignment due in 2 hours. Your instructions were a godsend! Thank you!!! Hi Sara: Thank you sooo much. All done. Then none of the keys worked!! Your solution worked. I thought maybe I would have to crack the case again. Many thanks. Wow, It worked!

Thanks for something so simple. My password has an S in it.

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Hi Brianna, try logging in as a guest account to apply the fix and then log out and log back in with your normal account? Where would we be without the ability to jump online and get the answer so quickly, this solved my problem in minutes and I was able to on about my day, just a very annoying 5 minutes is all I served for this one. It did nt wrk. Smetimes prints the , and smetimes nt. Als a, e, i, , u, y are affected. I know this is a bit of a necropost at this point, but…thank you for trying to address this problem, as I brought my then still relatively new macbook to more than one Apple store about this very issue—the Y, U, I, and O keys mysteriously deciding not to work.

All they did was shrug and smirk one of them actually winked at me, which to this day I find baffling. Strangely this problem seems to have a confusing pattern. If anyone figures out this bizarre and annoying glitch for certain, I will give them a gold medal. Anyway, happy to know you made it work for you. If you do spot a pattern, please do let us know. How on earth did you discover this? It worked! I was ready to take it for repair, or buy an interface which I was to a ooops! Not worin aain. Thanks for your post Peter, and interesting to know that the issue has only gone away by staying on the British keyboard — how curious?

Oh my god this just saved me!! Spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out with no luck until this! Great tip. Super helpful. This was really really bothering me and your solution worked like a charm. As for the iTunes issue, hopefully this thread might help: Well with both keyboards enabled, the tyuio keys still did not work. Removing the newly added British keyboard worked for about 30 strokes then not.

Then off again on again. I have an older Macbook with the same problem. I stopped using it about4 years ago and started using it recently. The problem was no longer there. My keys I,O,U,Y are casng al f frsrans-nw he are on and now they are off. This is very frustrating and time consumming. What could be the challenge and what needs to be done to correct this memnance.

Wow, this seriously just worked! Would have taken me 10 minutes to get that many before. Thank you so much for this post. I cannot believe that after 4 years this is still an issue.

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition by David Pogue

The only additional step that I had to take was to switch to the new keyboard once and then I could switch back and the key worked perfectly. As you can see from that last sentence. Still no key for the letter after C. I think this worked!!! Please help! I think this worked for me! Thanks for your post! Tried what you suggested but unfortunately my keyboard did not magically repair itself. My situation is slightly different from your example.

I have a bluetooth and an external keyboard attached to my iMac. For example, Fn turns the key into a Page Up key, which scrolls upward by one screenful. On most Mac keyboards, the Fn key is in the lower-left corner. The exception is the full-size Apple desktop keyboard the one with a numeric keypad ; there, the Fn key is in the little block of keys between the letter keys and the number pad. On the top row of aluminum Mac keyboards, the F-keys have dual functions.

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Sorry to hear about your new Macbook. What I have since discovered is that if you hold down any vowel key in notes, it produces an extra set of symbols…. All done. This totally fixed it. Anyway, thanks again.

Pressing the Fn key in the corner changes their personalities, though. Numeric keypad. The number-pad keys do exactly the same thing as the numbers at the top of the keyboard. Apple has been quietly eliminating the numeric keypad from most of its keyboards, but you can still find it on some models. These keys control the brightness of your screen. Tap the key to open Dashboard, the archipelago of tiny, single-purpose widgets like Weather, Stocks, and Movies.

On recent Macs, the F4 key bears a logo instead. Tapping it opens Launchpad, which is described on Launchpad.

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Tap either or to skip to the previous or next track or chapter. Hold one down to rewind or fast-forward. These three keys control your speaker volume. The key means Mute; tap it once to cut off the sound completely and again to restore its previous level.

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Tap the repeatedly to make the sound level lower, the key to make it louder. If you hold down the Shift and Option keys, then tapping the volume keys adjusts the volume by smaller increments, just as with the brightness keys. This is the Eject key. Home, End. The Home key jumps to the top of a window, the End key to the bottom. In iPhoto, they jump to the first or last photo in your collection.

In iMovie, the Home key rewinds your movie to the very beginning. In Safari, they send you to the top or bottom of the Web page. In Word, they jump to the beginning or end of the line. But then again, Microsoft has always had its own ways of doing things. On keyboards without a dedicated block of number keys, you get these functions by holding down Fn as you tap the and keys.

Pg Up, Pg Down. These keys scroll up or down by one screenful. The idea is to let you scroll through word-processing documents, Web pages, and lists without having to use the mouse. On keyboards without a numeric keypad, you get these functions by pressing Fn plus the and keys.

It closes dialog boxes, closes menus, and exits special modes like Quick Look, slideshows, screen savers, and so on. Get to know it. The Backspace key. This key triggers keyboard shortcuts for menu items. The Control key triggers shortcut menus. In the Finder, Microsoft programs, and a few other places, this key opens up the electronic help screens.