Mac face and body foundation c2 nc20


How did she get my undertone wrong? It's pretty obvious.


She also matched me to NC20 in the pro-longwear concealer Should I return them for cooler undertones? Like I'm used to.. Or is yellow supposed to help cancel out red in my face. I usually wear nc30 and was matched with c3. I'm going back for C2. Maybe N1 will be a better match, get rematched and get a few samples: It sounds like she got your undertone wrong if you're sure you're cool.

Thanks ladies, I decided I'm going to go back today and exchange them both.

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We discourage unrelated posts, but we are very welcoming and encourage fresh content and people who think out of the box so Also, it's a "vanity" not a battlestation. Also, does anyone have suggestions for other foundations with a comparable shade? Previous Products if applicable: It's nice, but the formula's not my favorite. It also doesn't cover the redness of my cheeks as much as I'd like. I wear b30 in ysl touche eclat and I love it, and I am a c3, so maybe b20 for you? Are you neutral leaning cool? Yeah I think I'm neutral leaning cool, and since I usually wear more neutral foundations when I wear foundation I never really paid too much attention to it.

MAC Face & Body Foundation - REVIEW

Thanks for the YSL recommendation-- I'll check it out! God, Face and Body is so strange. I wear C2 and I'm an NC C1 was just a touch light, but whenever I look it up online, the consensus is that C2 is about NC I guess it's sheer enough that it doesn't matter too much, but it drives me crazy.

M.A.C: Face and Body Foundation Review

I know! I'm neutral leaning slightly warm, and wear Nars Deauville neutral right now but Chanel vitalumiere aqua in beige rose 12 pink toned works well on me also. I did a lot of finagling on those sites to come up with me being NC Maybe they matched you with NW25 for concealer since it has to be a bit lighter than your skin?

I'm now sure though since I don't use concealer.

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MAC Cosmetics Studio Face and Body Foundation: rated out of 5 on So I went to the MAC store, asked for F&B, ignored the puzzled face of the MUA, asked for C2 instead of the .. I m Mac NC NC20, BB sand, Bourjois Vanilla Oct 1, Karima the foundation critic is back with MAC Face & Body; a makeup artist ridiculous on me; my winter match is C1 which fits my NC20 skin pretty well, I'd eyeball C2 to be an NC-almost and C6 is my bizarre shade for.

It's cheap but it's the first foundation I bought after finally figuring out what my foundation shade was. The idea is to pile up as many cats as you can before your tower of kitties falls. Were these taken with flash? NC42 looks very light in the swatch. Chris25 recently posted … Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings. Yup, with flash. I used my usual setup.

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I cannot wait to try this foundation! I am NW20 but NW18 looks a bit darker and might match me better. I guess I will have to check it out at the counter! I was curious!

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Hi Morgan, You could do a number of different things — 1 Try layering a smoothing face primer underneath. Maybe N1 will be a better match, get rematched and get a few samples: Sort By oldest Oldest Newest Helpful. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Yet another foundation I will have to try based on your suggestion. Congrats again on your baby girl! Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your helpful reviews! Pat it onto your nose first over the pores , then layer the foundation on top, then do the powder.

Try less foundation, and then your usual amount of powder. Maybe try one with a tint. Maybe use a pressing motion and a puff instead of a brush? If none of these work you could always use a different foundation for your nose. I know, kind of a pain, but if you like the finish on the rest of your face, it might be an option. Hi, Karen! I have acne and very oily t-zone, and I live in a hot weather.

Thank you so much for this post, I was really curious to know the diffence between Face and Body and Waterweight! I am sticking to fingers to apply this, which is my preferred method, though I was almost sold on the specific brush for it, since so many people love it, including my favorite mua at MAC. I just started using this one and I gotta say, I am very impressed so far!