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High Sierra Problems: How to Fix the Most Common macOS Issues

This may be a misunderstanding, do you mean iPhoto? That is an older program, not supported anymore. Just checked, I still have it in my applications folder, it is from You should have a newer app in the Applications folder, this is named Photos.

Here’s What to Do To Fix Your System Preferences–Proceed Carefully.

Ever since I upgraded to ML, there are certain System Preference panes I cannot load. I really want to get into the Security & Privacy pane!. May 10, Do you find that the System Preferences application on Mac OS X keeps Mac OS X System Preferences Keeps Crashing on Launch Please consider a small and secure donation if this post helped you with your issue!.

It is now a database-structure, which is not that practical, imho, if you use more than one program for pictures. Since upgrading to Mojave I can no longer connect to my desktop running Mt Lion. No login window opens. Air now practically unusable. Memory fills up and slows the machine to a halt within twenty minutes of start up.

The only cure is a reboot. I have a book to finish writing in the next two months and I am furious. Why did you update the OS in the middle of an important project? Pardon me for saying so but that was foolish. The one you should be furious at is yourself. Mojave has been all but trouble free for most users. Of course, most word processors are not that memory intensive. Check Activity Monitor to see what apps or processes are using an unusual about of resources. A web browser with lots of windows or tabs open can be a memory hog. A lot of files on the Desktop can also use a lot of memory.

If you want to be angry, that short rant may make you feel better. Hi, there. I recently purchased an imac with mohave OS In most of my Word files, the inserted pictures are distorted. Through experimentation, I found that some will return to normal if I right click on the picture, go to format picture, then click the picture tab, and finally turn the color from greyscale which I had set on purpose to automatic. Yet, this does not always work. The Word on my mac is MS Word for mac, version Please help.

Word is way out of date. No matter what I do, the font stays whatever default font and font size, Mojave uses. Does anyone have a suggestion what I can do to be able to password protect a word document with Mojave OS in the background? My Word for Mac software version I could do so before installing Mojave. Select your choice of encryption and size. This creates an encrypted folder essentially inside which you can safely put documents. You can allow keychain to remember the password for you.

Of course, none of the glowing reviews I have read mentioned that… because they are all on new computers probably. I regret ever installing it. All this for Dark Mode????? What a stupid upgrade. I think this is a ploy to get those of us with computers 5 years or older to get a new Mac. Disgusted with Apple right now. These rants are pointless, you could have beta testet Mojave, and you could try to investigate what it is that slows your computer down.

Then there are some simple upgrades, if they are possible for your computer, more RAM or switching a harddisk for an SSD. Things to look out for which could slow things down is Spotlight indexing new may take days or failing, old software, kernel drivers etc. Activity Monitor will help in that, and sometimes Konsole, although that is now one of my main gripes, that Konsole is nearly useless now. Not holding my breath for that. Have the same complaint. This is great news for finals week.

So pissed off right now. I repeat this in the hope that some people will learn the lesson. You absolutely positively must back up your system before upgrading any OS. This is SOP. In the instructions for upgrading to Mojave Apple says the same thing. If you ignore this advice, well, you get what you pay for.

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I take it that you have an iMac with a standard hard drive. On an external SSD, however, it runs lightning fast. Which you will have, of course, if you clone your Mojave system as I suggest. The advantage of CCC is that it will also create a compatible Recovery volume on your clone and when you restore your internal drive.

Of course, it will ask your permission before doing so. You should grant that permission. How it will perform on a Fusion Drive, if it ever gets there, I shudder to think. But the Fusion Drive on newer iMacs is much smaller so there could be many issues there. Messenger for me deletes ALL messages and all contact windows.

BLANK everything. I start messages and two days later… blank again. They removed all the contents of my hard drive to iCloud without explaining they were doing it. I had to contact Apple and get help to put it back where it belonged. There is no information on Mojave telling you they are going to do that!!

Common macOS High Sierra problems

I think this should be better explained in the installer, at least, and, preferably be an opt in rather than an opt out choice. As well, I think the issue should be covered more completely on tech sites like this one. In my opinion they go about this business in an underhanded way that might even be worth a lawsuit or two.

Naturally they will say their motive is to save you space on your SSD, whether you need it or not. If you need it, you should still be informed about the choice, something Apple fails to do adequately. You have to dig into their web site to find it. Fail, big time. My less than one year old iPhone X has had 5 factory resets since updating, first from losing its cellular capabilities, meaning no phone calls or texts from my phone kind of the most important part of a PHONE.

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Has been randomly deleting documents, which will then come back 30 minutes to 2 hours later, and iMessenger deleted all of my text threads, for 48 hours until they showed back up randomly. I do appreciate the warning that your next update will break some of my old computer games and much more that I occasionally play for their nostalgia.

My last laptop died 3 months after purchase because of a broken motherboard, and while it was a free fix, it meant 3 weeks without a laptop, largely because your next 2 motherboard also broke before they even made it back to me. Maybe the user shares some responsibility for checking before they install an upgrade. Upgrading blindly is foolish, to put it politely.

System Preferences crashes - Apple Community

As for Apple informing you what will break, they have no way of knowing in most cases. You do. If you have any concerns, it behooves you to install the upgrade on a clone of your system to see for yourself what it will break. There are some things Apple does control, like how well or poorly they inform people about the Desktop and Documents feature that moves your data into the cloud with little notice.

That is something they could control; they just chose not to. Well, I got Office activated. Those horribly long Microsoft codes. After the first time, however, it launches all but instantaneously. This goes for all the other Office apps as well. Time will tell if this appraisal holds up. The next macOS upgrade will, sadly, be incompatible with 32 bit apps. I thought of another reason Mojave may be running slow on some Mac laptops: Though they may be rated to run Mojave, if the memory has not been upgraded to at least 16GB, this could be problematic.

My iMac has 24GB.

Mac OS X System Preferences Keeps Crashing on Launch

Check with Otherworld to see if using Mojave is worth the cost of a memory upgrade. Or it may be time to get a newer Mac Otherworld has lots of them. Their customer support should be able to tell you if they work with Mojave. Given enough memory they should. If not, a new Mac may be called for. Apple has a variety of almost new Macs in their refurb store for a modest reduction in the original price. I made a mistake in my previous post regarding macOS Mojave versions. The latest is So if you have not yet upgraded, use the Combo update: It may fix some of the problems people are having with Mojave, if they upgraded without doing sufficient system repair.

It will work as well if you had one hiccough or another with the upgrade. Alternatively, if you are having significant trouble with Mojave, reverting to your previous OS via a Time Machine backup or clone, checking your system thoroughly and then upgrading to Mojave again may solve your problems.

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In regard to iCloud issues, you should check to see what iCloud services you have enabled. When you install Mojave it will offer to store your Desktop and Documents folder in iCloud. This could take up considerable bandwidth and may be the cause of system slowdowns at first. If you do need them, then give your system some time to upload all the files to the cloud.

After the original upload, it will only need to sync files from time to time as you change or add to them. For people with a small SSD in their Mac, this could be a valuable feature. For those stuck with a small internal SSD, using a larger external SSD might be a workaround, especially as you laptop probably has a USB-C port that can run an external drive at high speed.

Make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on. Next to iCloud Drive, click Options. Click Done. There are other iCloud Drive services that you may want to use to make documents from other apps available on other devices. Some, like iMovie, can use up a lot of space. Another project on my list. In iCloud you can also turn on iCloud Photo Library, which can take up a lot of bandwidth, not to mention lots of storage on iCloud Drive. Apple would love you to do this because you will soon need to pay for additional storage. You can pay a lot for an external SSD. Again I apologize for a long post.

But this forum is for solving problems as well as describing them. The thing is that your Mac is reindexing a bunch of files while running a new system and it slows down its productivity and performance. For hours your Mac could experience these trouble and they are still within the range of normal behavior. If your Mac is running slow a few days after the upgrade, try some Mac-optimizing utilities to fix it. For instance, one of the reasons for your Mac slowing down could be that some apps hog too much RAM.

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To see if this is the problem, try opening Activity Monitor and see which apps take to much processing power. The app will then lose its preferences and stored info and roll back to default settings. With every macOS upgrade there are older versions of apps that are no longer supported by their developers. The only solution is to upgrade to Office Then you might also experience flickering of certain images while browsing the web.

The last issue is a grey screen or a blue screen that signal something going pretty wrong with the whole Mac-to-display connection. One of the issues that has been reported the macOS High Sierra is with wifi signals. Both these tools map the wifi networks within range of your Mac and identify areas where signals are either strong or weak. By using one of these apps, you should be able to tell if your Mac is having wifi problems. Find the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner and open its preferences. Hover on the device in question and click the X-mark next to it.

This not just disconnects the device, but removes it entirely from the list until you pair it back.

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Ramping up performance and adding new features while avoiding putting more strain on a battery is tough. Use iStat Menus , available in Setapp, to monitor battery life — as well as CPU usage, fan speeds, temperatures and a host of other data.

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Do it now, before you do anything else. Applications will behave as if you were running them for the first time. After that you need to have your System Management Controller reset also. Step 2 The purpose of this step is to determine whether the problem is caused by third-party system modifications that load automatically at startup or login. As always, users are encouraged to employ a trusted AV solution to avoid getting infected with malware. The next macOS upgrade will, sadly, be incompatible with 32 bit apps. Start with Disk Utility.

If it does but the problem remains, change the alert style from 'Banner' to 'Alert' or 'None'. After that you can switch it to 'Banner' again and from now on it should work fine. This part is for gamers only. Global Offensive. Developers of these games and of the Unity engine, joined by threads on Reddit and Steam, have all voiced concerns about the APFS system and its compatibility with the main game engine and graphic controls.

So, before you upgrade, hit Reddit or Google and find out if these troubles have been resolved. Wait for High Sierra to install and restart. When you see the Setup Assistant, choose the option to migrate data from another disk and choose the external disk as the source. High Sierra Problems: Select the App Store app and confirm you want to force quit. Re-launch the App Store and try downloading again. Getting the rainbow wheel every few seconds after upgrade Check console. What if macOS High Sierra stops responding? Security issues in High Sierra: Password Stealing The only known and relatively famous security issue with the latest macOS is the password stealing code created by security researcher Patrick Wardle.

Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly working hard on patching up the breach.