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Courseplay 3.4 for Farming Simulator 2013

Added Farh M66 pipeCol to global ignore list. Changed the auto pipe distan Improved reverse BGA tipping 1. Change direction if we drive to far and r Added support for Marshall DLC MR version check Fix for Vehicle Attachables Modules Fix: Reverse BGA Tipping. Merge branch 'master' of https: Reversing to third waitPoint fix New forward BGA tipping handling. Fix not testing inverted node in createRealTrailerTurningNode Length Calculation for later use Update Length Calculation Small fixes and clean up Fix minor bug in debug channel 2 print More precise reversing with trailers.

Added support for all wheeled tools, Fix Game Crash on some trailers. This also prevents to being able to rever HoseRef system: Fix not being able to reverse with some trailers. Fix Kuhn FA Mower folding direction Updated reverse BGA tipping Updated reverse properties. Account for wheels that have steeringAxle and Added support for Fahr KH 4S Adding Perard Interbenne 25 pipe collission to ignore list Tweaking BGA tipping and fixing fixing fixing Missing TipTrigger Raycast in reverse fixing Increasing overloader wait time a bit Fix isFolding was true when it should not be.

Fixing game crash of premature direction change basic setup for FS15 fixed pipe function fix speed "i10n missing" error Clean up specialTools. Adding support for multiSiloTrigger.

Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition - Let's Play - Ep 04 - Basic Courseplay Tutorial

A bit cleanup BigX can now chop again. Still need to figure out why it turns on and off Mode 6 Combines now stops to unfold and starting to Treshing again. Use workAreas instead of old FS13 way Header lowers when resuming work. Combines also waits to drive until the t Combines reverse 2m back on resume work.

Setting some combine default pipe Adding NL Translation Fixing default Auger Wagon in mode 3 Update NL Translation CruiseControl baby!!! Move able DirectionNode. Better Combine steering. Prepare for Beta Release.

V 3.41 mod for Farming Simulator 2013

Is course play compatible to the mac?? or am I doing something wrong?? See business-unlimited.comrtschafts-simulator.d tig_posten for instructions . Support/ FarmingSimulator/mods/ZZZ_courseplay/' Error. Copy the archive file to your mods folder. That's all, folks! First be sure you have the latest patch: Farming Simulator 17 Update. Get the.

Beta Release! Now all can start testing: Hungarian Adding no restriction on how long a Road-Train can be. Speed break if driving too fast. Small fix for v Russian Fixing BGA unloading speed Mark some trailers as isPushWagon. For BGA unloading Brazilian Update modDesc. Second attempt to fix deleting non-excisting node.

Fix MischStation loading to trailer problem. Fixing not getting all TipTriggers French Ward song Unload all tippers while driving in BGA Fixing not stopping to unload at tip points Fixing some tippers not getting a tipRefOffset fixes Step 1 changed turn from empty c I'm FS15 player and we are ver Merge branch 'Courseplay-master' Update modDesc. Chinese Czech Merge branch 'patch' of https: Spanish [by Break to stop instead of using handbreak French Update modDesc. Fixing combine wrong turn when reversing after unloading. Removing missed Chinese Update modDesc.

Portuguese P Last change: Spanish Portuguese PT Cleanup and preparing for new Turn Radius calculation. Change some variable names. To Do Open Issue: Combine self unloading: Open Issue: Not able to generate course with headland. Round Bale Wrapper suggestion Open Issue: Slury Tanker keeps overloading Open Issue: Start Driver Not working Open Issue: Generated headland field startpoint issue. Manage couse arrows missing in special case Open Issue: Fertilize mode - drive on at? Tools turn on too early when returning to field Open Issue: End fieldwork with sugar beet harvester problem Open Issue: Fieldwork and Grimme Maxtron start issue Open Issue: Question about release of 3.

Loading wagon not unloading Open Issue: Seeding mode not working with John Deere Open Issue: Manure transporter crashes into barrirer Open Issue: Braking physics while seeding Open Issue: Refueling automatically Open Issue: Combi mode with 2 tippers Open Issue: Trip between fields is at turn speed Open Issue: Unsupported mod description version Open Issue: Grimme Tectron Open Issue: Seeding with unseeded patches Open Issue: Vehicles not stopping at the stop point using transfer mode Open Issue: MP Open Issue: Generating field course crashes game Open Issue: Manual offset in Combi mode goes to negative when I manually put a positive value Open Issue: Where does it save the courses?

How can I move the courseplay window? Fuel transfer Open Issue: Tool not filling Open Issue: Self propelled mixer wagon mode suggestion Open Issue: Can't Zoom Open Issue: Tractor steering during course recording Open Issue: Folder option to save routes Open Issue: Is there a way to set more then 1 lane for Headland? How do I skip fill level when using a mod? Courseplay wont load Open Issue: Tractor drives to far behind the combine. More headland Open Issue: Issue managing courses Open Issue: Speed after traffic light Open Issue: Reverse CAB support! Update settings.

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Support for Mex 6 Open Issue: Speed problem Open Issue: Point direction not saved. Freight yard tip trigger Open Issue: Bale loader suggestion Open Issue: Very hard brake for traffic light Open Issue: Loader mode to silo Open Issue: Continuous circles Open Issue: Waypoint error Open Issue: Delete course issue Open Issue: Traffic collision crashed game.

  1. V 3.40 mod for Farming Simulator 2013.
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  3. Strautmann concrete weight BJ. 2013 v1.0 FS19.
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  5. Farming_Simulator_15__get_o (@Farming_Simulator_15__get_o) on Game Jolt;

Update mode2. Game crash Open Issue: Multi-Player Open Issue: Issue with Truck. Thanks for the Updates Open Issue: Collision at combine offload. Debug Channel 12 posible others don't work anymore. Traffic Collision problem Open Issue: Pathfinding not taken in account Open Issue: Combi mode Open Issue: Offloader filllevel 0? Add sideways shift to Combine self unloading mode suggestion Open Issue: Wheel loader doesn't find the unloading spot anymore Open Issue: Mex 6 Nearly works, I know you did not want to implement but please look Open Issue: Multiplayer and saved couses Open Issue: Multiplayer Error Open Issue: Collision Problem Open Issue: Lua errors are gone!

Quick question Open Issue: Automated driving system on roads Open Issue: Titanium addition Open Issue: Tractor cut off combine after unloading Open Issue: Titanium dlc Open Issue: Tractor Identification Numer Open Issue: Farming simulator forum Open Issue: Forage wagon issue Open Issue: Insufficient braking on downhill slopes with MR Open Issue: Overloader Mode: BrentAvalanche specialization Open Issue: List for offloaders of a combine Open Issue: Sowing machine with tank spec Open Issue: Symmetrical turn issue Open Issue: Update italian translation Open Issue: Sprayer stop in traffic Open Issue: Making mods courseplay ready Open Issue: Courseplay on Dedicated Server Open Issue: Reversing with MR Open Issue: Bypassing Issue Open Issue: Infotext outside of box with MR Open Issue: Couseplay not moving kinze pipe Open Issue: Invisible traffic Open Issue: Vehicle Damage Mod Open Issue: Placeable Pile Open Issue: Course generation with field path Open Issue: Field edge is not detected Open Issue: Steiger overloader mode Open Issue: Crash Ver.

Mode 3: Wrong speed setting Open Issue: New entries in log. Mode mode4 sprayer not going to restart Open Issue: Offloader get stuck next to combine. Ropa Big Bear Open Issue: Overloader runs in to combine after unloading if at the edge of the field and combine stopped Open Issue: Manual toggle turning on and off. John deere doesnt turn at the edge of field Open Issue: Driving helper wont unload at trigger 3. Silage shield modes Open Issue: Multiple waiting points in overload mode Open Issue: Shovel mode reverse problem MR related?

Traffic notices suggestion Open Issue: LiquidManure drive slowly after unload. Next Problem: Making Chaff Tractor no longer finding combine Open Issue: Tool offset with pull type choppers Open Issue: Combi mode cant manually switch combines Open Issue: Function reload courseplay. Question about automactic covers Open Issue: Can be unloaded problem with Drescher Open Issue: Tip trigger from mods not detected Open Issue: Error with Version 3.

When tip trigger reached not following recorded path Open Issue: Headland Open Issue: Level load times Open Issue: Reversing with attached implement Open Issue: Pause and Delete points cause infinite loop Open Issue: Create modDesc. Slipping notification Open Issue: Problem at starting driving course Open Issue: Update fields. Forage Harvester continues after trailer is full Open Issue: Combi Mode Question Open Issue: CP v3.

Productivity while harvesting larger fields Open Issue: Overloader cuts off combine when reaching drive on percent while driving on crop Open Issue: Courseplay and Alternative Tipping Open Issue: Shovelmode accept forklift Open Issue: GenerateCourse with "Headland" Open Issue: Translate italian Open Issue: Vehicles stop until you switch to them Open Issue: Overloader - Problems with Kinze grain cart. CP waypoint problem Open Issue: Water mod Open Issue: CP dont unload chaff in bunker silo Open Issue: Combine offloader stay on field Open Issue: MR seed loading cutoff Open Issue: Beacon on when ready for unloading Open Issue: All controls frozen Open Issue: Combine goes 3 or 4 lengths passed end of field on only one end Open Issue: You can use 2 or more wagons to unload on the stations?

Patch 2. Symmetrical lane change - wrong lane chosen after tool refill near start of lane Open Issue: Combine folds corn header while waiting for tractor Open Issue: Display of points by default Open Issue: Hungarian languange imported Open Issue: Field scan error Open Issue: Snaking between waypoints Open Issue: Fieldwork can happen too fast Open Issue: Game lock-up after resetting vehicle in combi mode Open Issue: Shovelmode Bug? Resolve traffic issue without losing spot on seeding run Open Issue: Cannot adjust street speed Open Issue: Hanging at seed refill Open Issue: Course play freezes with MR Open Issue: How to use front end cultivator and rear seed drill together?

Better reverse handling.

Installing the developer version

BGA problem Open Issue: Water mode Open Issue: Challenger B V 1. Combi mode "is in traffic" message Open Issue: Home News Partners Become a partner Contact. Login Register. English Deutsch Polski. LS Portal.

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Mod search. Search also in descriptions. LS 20 Please login or Register. Download Courseplay.


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AutoTractor v1. Side Mirror 4. Man TGS Farming Simulator — Update 2. Comments to "Courseplay".

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