How to make a mac 11 full auto

Will a Semi-Auto Safety Slide Function in your Full-Auto MAC Machine Gun?

The cheapest and most prevalent source for a new safety slide is an aluminum safety slide designed for the Semi-Auto MACs.

Eliminator (Selector Lever Delete) for the M11/9 Full Auto SMG - Practical Solutions

See picture below: So this brings us to the title question. This a good question and the short answer is yes but not for long. The original style safety slide was made of cast aluminum. Now-a-days, most of the safety slides on the market are also cast aluminum.

Aluminum is a soft metal and when under heavy stress it will wear out pretty quickly. In the case of an aluminum safety slide, when in use, it is constantly being compressed by the sear which keeps the sear from dropping too far and thus allowing the machine gun to shoot full auto without the trip getting in the way of the disconnector. However, with each round, that steel sear wears away at the aluminum safety slide and after a certain point, the safety slide is worn away too far and the resulting malfunction is irregular burst fire.

COBRAY M-11/9 Semi to Full Auto Conversion Manual

The M is the least common version in the MAC family of firearms. At the MAC's high cyclic rate , extreme trigger discipline is required to discharge short bursts, which are required for combat expediency. Without proper training, the natural tendency of the inexperienced shooter is to hold down the trigger, discharging the entire magazine in little more than two seconds, often with poor accuracy due to recoil.

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It may be necessary to depress the spring- loaded safety a hit to get the trigger pin In place. The stem portion as wide as it is thick.

NolB the niieroinetBr reeding of. Cut the disconnector as described in the text. If the bend rise is made higher, there is no problem.

The unit will still work. Simply bend the forward area of the stem down- ward more. It is important to observe when mstdUng the auto sear screw that it doesn't pull the sear out of its normally released position.

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The bolt must lock open in the cocked position. The shoulders of the bit should just break the surface of the metal. Dimensions are given in Figure 7 on page It is imperative that a flat headed screw be used, and not a round headed one. After measuring kingth of stem in relation to disconnecttyr Gontectnirfnftim swomtiry smr, trim stm to proper Imgtfi.

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In addition to helping protect the metal, blueing will give a "factory original" appearance to the untrained eye. The screw shown above will ba shortened before installation of the auto sear. After forming the auto sear, mount it to the trigger as shown in Figure 8.

SMG Full Auto Replacement Parts

This is important to insure that the trigger docs not jam the weapon just as the wrong mounting screw might do. Polish the auto sear lightly with to 3U0 grit emery cloth. Whm it appears totally silver, drop it in the cold Mueing solution for a color match. Be careful not to drill througfi the plastic grip I When not m the full auto configuration the scar can be carried completely out of sight right inside the gun!

With practice, it takes less than 20 seconds to disassemble the gini, install the auto sear and reassemble the gun. What shall be covered next is plain and simple, totid bimch of tht law, entirely presneditated. It also helps to know how to read a machinist's drawing, as one is included for both the MAC 10 and 11 portion dealing with auto sear hole placement in this chapter. It usually holds at about the same as the front pin. You now have the center to center measurement from the front upper receiver pin to the sear pin location.

Let's now transpose that to the ouoiide of the receiver.