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Case Study: A Woodwork Association Challenge A Woodwork Association in the US needed to benchmark the salaries of their member organizations to ensure the competitiveness of employers in their industry.

“We needed a third party’s involvement and expertise because with these types of human resources projects, dealing with confidential information can become an issue,” says the Woodwork Association Director.


Business Unlimited designed a salary survey for Woodwork Association and analyzed the data that was collected from it. Business Unlimited also proposed a compensation workshop explaining the results of the survey to association members and other participating companies. They also provided strategic advice on how to implement a salary and benefits strategy that would help employers to motivate and reward employees.


Business Unlimited:

• Completed a comprehensive salary survey for Woodwork Association

• Analyzed survey results to provide strategic compensation advice to participating organizations

• Delivered a workshop to Woodwork Association on how to develop a pay strategy that works, in light of the survey findings

• Assisted participants in proper implementation of salary recommendations

“Business Unlimited has broad experience dealing with issues across the spectrum of human resources,” The Director says. “Our membership was very happy with the work that they did and we would definitely work with them again.”

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